Valentines Day LEGO Flowers For The Love in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is a time for love and expression of your creativity. Giving and receiving flowers on this special day is a great joy. If you are looking for a creative way to express your feelings to a LEGO fan, you won’t go wrong with this unique LEGO flower bouquet building kit. It is not just a unique way to give Valentine’s Day flowers to the LEGO fan in your life but a creative project for adults too. The LEGO flower bouquet produces a vibrant display of dazzling colors and shapes inspired by real flowers. The LEGO flower bouquet is made of six types of flowers and stems of varying lengths. The flowers include roses, snapdragons, common Daisies, Lavender, California poppy, and Aster. The package also includes various plants that match perfectly with the flowers.

The LEGO flower bouquet building kit comes with 15 stems of varying lengths. Among the longest is the snapdragon’s straight stem which measures over 14 inches high. The set also includes several leaf varieties to match the stems and flowers. Every piece and detail can be customized to create your unique display. All the flower bouquet building parts in the set are made from sustainable materials. For instance, most of the elements are crafted from plant-based plastic that is produced using sustainably sourced sugarcane plants. Creating your favorite bloom for Valentine’s Day using this flower building kit is extremely easy. You don’t even have to be a seasoned LEGO user to create your unique bouquet. If you ever put LEGO sets together whether as a kid or an adult, you won’t have any problem working with this set. They even give you directions to assemble your first LEGO flowers. Let your imagination run wild with these customizable floral elements for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day this year.  Check the best price on this set!!

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