Wheelchair-adaptive costumes

Disney’s Wheelchair-Adaptive Costumes Are Perfect For This Halloween

Disney recently launched a line of famous costumes that can easily be adapted to fit wheelchairs. Normally, people with physical disabilities have a hard time choosing Halloween costumes as most of the popular costumes aren’t designed to adapt to wheelchairs. Disney has solved the problem by introducing wheelchair adaptive costumes inspired by popular films such as Toy Story, Cinderella, and The Incredibles.

These are available in five different styles. They include two versions that can be mounted on a wheelchair. You even have the option of getting a set of costumes for the whole family to dress as characters from the same movie. The costumes are comfortably designed too. They feature stretch fabric that opens at the back for easy wearing and longer lengths to fit the wheelchair. They also include cover sets that fit standard wheelchair sizes and supportive plastic piping for stability. You can now turn your wheelchair into a Cinderella carriage, an Incredimobile just like in the Incredibles movie, or dress up like Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear this Halloween.

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