Chocolate Planets

These Planetary Chocolates Are Out of This Galaxy

They say that the moon is made out of cheese, but what about the planets? Well, according to L’éclat, the chocolate boutique of the Rihga Royal Hotel Japan, they are made from delicious Japanese chocolate. Lovingly crafted, each planet is made with a distinct flavor and taste of their own, so be sure to savor every enjoyable bite. They are packaged into a beautiful looking box ready to be opened up.

The planets included in the set – and their flavors – are: Earth (cocoa), Mercury (coconut mango), Mars (orange praline), Saturn (rum raisin), Jupiter (vanilla), Neptune (cappuccino), Venus (lemon cream) and Uranus (milk tea). If you buy the whole set of planets then you can also get the chance to consume that great fireball in the sky, the Sun – which is pineapple flavored. As delicious as these planets are, they do require some patience on the part of customers. They are made from natural ingredients and can take 2-4 days to be made and then shipped out. Check price on OMG Japan!

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