Fantasy Coins

Build Your Own Treasure Hoard With These Fantasy Coins For Board Games

These fantasy coins were started with a simple idea: create a way for people to have “money” for their tabletop games. Currency is always an important part of any game. Adventurers are constantly on the lookout for a treasure hoard, and innkeepers and shopkeepers require coin for their services. Gamers would have to improvise and rely on their imagination for coinage in the past. They would use real currency or use a plastic chip. Fantasy gaming coins changes all of that!

These fine metal coins offer the perfect enhancement to any gaming session or role-playing scenario. There are dozens of pre-made sets to choose from, or you could just mix-and-match and create your own set of stunning coins for your next session. There are coins inspired by popular movies, MMOs, tabletop games and even some original designs that can be slotted in anywhere. All of them undergo several months of research and development to guarantee an authentic look and feel. After being funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo the coins are now available to the general public and they are definitely something every gaming fan will love. Check price on Fantasy Coin!

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