Wooden Fractal Jigsaw Puzzle

This Wooden Fractal Jigsaw Puzzle Looks Like a Nightmare To Solve

Everybody loves solving a good puzzle. There’s just something about putting in all that effort and watching the end-result unfold in front of your eyes. Some puzzles are harder than others, but for those of you looking for the ultimate challenge, meet the Wooden Fractal Jigsaw Puzzle. With this puzzle, you won’t be putting together the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower. Oh no, you’ll be putting together complex intertwined geometric objects. This puzzle promises to be a true test of patience and persistence.

The Wooden Fractal Jigsaw Puzzle is laser cut in the US and made from plywood with a brown veneer. There are currently three difficulty options available for purchase: Medium (50 pcs), Hard (100 pcs), and Diabolical (200 pcs). Notice the lack of “Easy” difficulty, it would probably be misleading. Whichever option you choose, feel free to invite the whole family, as you’ll need all the help you can get to solve these mind-bending puzzles. The creators of the puzzles, Torched Products, quote a completion time of up to 6 hours for the Medium, up to 5 days for the Hard, and, surprisingly, they say no one has reported solving the Diabolical puzzle. Are you up to the task? Check price on Amazon!

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