Holographic Halloween Decorations

Make Your House Look Extra Spooky This Halloween Using These 3D Holographic Decorations

If you’re still stuck on plastic and paper Halloween decorations, it’s time to upgrade your game to some high-tech 3D holographic decorations. These holographic Halloween decorations from AtmosFX are designed to scare anyone in and out of your home. The decorations come with realistic audio that works perfectly in sync with the animations to create an even scarier experience. These will turn any surface or environment into the most frightful scene using a large computer monitor, TV, or a digital projector. The holographic images projected on the surface come with scary decoration scenes with different display modes to suit your Halloween theme.

For instance, you could get the Demonic Poltergeist which features a glowing poltergeist performing scary acts on your window, crawling on your wall, or even floating mid-air. There’s the Seductive Siren which flies eerily over your yard or inside your house. Other scarier options include the Sinister Spinster and the Wicked Wraith, which is basically a holographic representation of a swarm of wraiths with disembodied burning skulls or a wraith roaring and scaring everyone straight from your TV screen. The decorations will transform your home into a hall of horrors. All “trick or treaters” who dare venture into or close to your humble abode will forever believe that you live in a real haunted house. Check price on Amazon!

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