Japanese Landmark Memo Pads

Amazing Memo Pads Reveal Architectural Models As The Pages Get Used

It’s a memo pad that turns into a mini piece of paper architecture. It’s cool, but beyond that origami-kind of cool. These Japanese landmark memo pads are pieces of art you don’t have to fold or make yourself. What looks like an ordinary memo pad slowly becomes a 3-D paper model of a selected Japanese landmark. All you do is scribble down your daily (or weekly) to-do list and when you peel it off the pad, a portion of your note will remain. Over time, the 3-D paper model will reveal itself.

There are a total of three different versions of the Japanese landmark memo pads at this point. You can choose from the Kiyomizudera Temple, Kaminarimon, or Tokyo Tower. Each pad has a total of 100 sheets of pre-cut paper and contains various colors related to the paper model you will be building as you tear off each note page. Not only is it a cool looking paper model (when the pad has been used up) but it is a useful note pad to keep those lists in order. Especially if your job includes running out for groceries and you keep forgetting the list at home. Check price on Japan Trend Shop!

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