Magnetic Pen

This Satisfying Magnetic Pen Is The Perfect Addition To Any Geeks Desk

Keep your restless fingers busy throughout the workday by using this magnetic pen. Featuring a bunch of different things to play with, including 13 magnetic rings and 12 steel balls, this amazing instrument offers as much entertainment value as it does as a writing implement. The pen’s unique magnetic construction lets you slide, twist, rotate, and transform the pen into a number of entertaining positions.

The magnetic pen is a simple idea that offers a lot of ways to mess around while getting your writing done. Why settle for a regular store-bought pen when you can write with this innovative one? Take the pen apart, play with the magnets as you want, swap out the ink, keep it stuck to your fridge, so you know where it is, and do more. If you get lost in your writer’s block and want to have some fun, then fidget with the pen until the ideas come back to you. Check price on Amazon!

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