jurassic park mosquito in amber resin

Jurassic Park Mosquito in Amber Resin: The Perfect Gift for Cinephiles

It’s time to spruce up your workspace with a little history. From a strange spot, the guts of a petrified insect, John Hammond was able to build the world of Jurassic Park. In honor of Hammond’s discovery, this movie replica is now accessible to you!

It’s hard to imagine a more convenient and safer method to store your important documents than within the perfectly preserved body of an old dinosaur mosquito. John Hammond can make this a reality, but for the rest of us, this amber mosquito paperweight will do the trick.

This copy of John Hammond’s famous mosquito from the Jurassic Park films is perfect for spicing up any space, from the workplace to the living room.

Features of the Jurassic Park Mosquito in Amber Sap

  • Dimensions: 3 inches tall
  • Made of high-quality resin
  • Take home a reproduction of the famous amber mosquito from Jurassic Park
  • Made of high quality and safe materials

With a high-quality paperweight, you can show off your appreciation for Jurassic Park in style. At 3 inches high and 2.5 inches wide, this translucent resin model brings the wonder of the movie to life! With this sturdy resin reproduction, you can proudly show off your love of dinosaurs!

If you’re looking for something unique to put on display in your house or to add to your dinosaur collection, this amber fossil is a great option! Your fireplace mantle will soon be adorned with a fossilized amber mosquito imitation that is licensed and ready for your house!

“Well, there you have it!” said Doctor Ian Malcolm. When you and your guests see this magnificent Jurassic Park sculpture in your house or business, they will remark, “Wow!” In addition, it’s a wonderful present to give to a close friend or family member.

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