Lord Of The Rings Fire Pit

This Fire Pit Makes It Look Like The Witch-King of Angmar Is Watching You From The Flames

In Mordor, you don’t simply light up the BBQ and toss on hot dogs. It is impossible thanks to the barren wasteland that is already just down to the dirt. Oh, don’t forget the fire, ash, and other poisonous fumes you would inhale if there for even just a brief moment in time. However, with this Lord of the Rings fire pit, you can pretend to be there without actually having to physically endure the pain, anguish, and heat-searing agony. Besides, if you do plan on tossing some wieners on the fire, you want to be able to invite some friendly neighbors over to enjoy them with you rather than fighting Orcs to get to the food first.

This Lord of the Rings fire pit is constructed to resemble the One Ring and contains an inscribed text that can only be read when there is a fire inside the pit. We are not going to tell you what it says on the fire pit panel as that is something you should discover the first time you build a fire worthy of such honor. We will give you a hint, though. The inscription is not in English. It is in Black Speech and only a true LOTR fan will be able to read, understand, and translate it. If you are lucky, one of the neighbors you invite over for hot dogs will have a kid who is nerdy enough to know Black Speech and tell you what your Lord of the Rings fire pit is telling you. Check price on Etsy!

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