Magnetic Thinking Putty

Cure Your Boredom With This Magnetic Thinking Putty

The team at Crazy Aaron’s have taken putty manufacturing to a whole new level. Their line called Thinking Putty offers fun for the whole family, with a fresh and innovative design. The most interesting, however, is their Magnetic Thinking Putty which goes even further by having magnetic properties which allow for some stunning capabilities. Every putty can be stretched, flattened, smashed, thrown, etc. but this putty has tiny iron fragments inside which allow it to be magnetized. The ceramic magnet is provided with the putty.

Charging the Magnetic Thinking Putty with a magnet will allow you to do cool stuff like pick up paperclips, stick it to different surfaces and more. However, when you put the putty next to the magnet you’re able to witness something incredible. The putty slowly but surely engulfs the entire magnet all on its own. The putty comes in a wide variety of colors, some extremely vibrant, so feel free to mix and match and make putty combinations as you wish, but don’t mix magnetic with non-magnetic, because you can weaken the magnet’s strength. Check price on Amazon!

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