Pet Samurai Armor

Transform Your Furry Friend Into a Mighty Warrior With This Pet Samurai Armor

Have you ever wanted to dress up your pet as Japanese military nobility from the 12th century? Probably not. But that’s just because you never knew it was an option. Well, now it is with this adorable but deadly pet samurai armor made by the good people from Samurai Age. We all want our pets to be safe, and now it’s time to show it to them (and the rest of the world). Once you dress them up in this samurai armor, the rest of the pets on the block will know you two mean business. It’s entirely based on the traditional armor Japanese samurais wore and is made out of polystyrene base, which is a lightweight and flexible material that won’t impede your pet’s movement. The armor is entirely hand-crafted in Japan, so you can rest assured the people making it are paying attention to detail.

The pet samurai armor is perfectly safe for use during rain, as it doesn’t absorb water, and cleaning it after use is as simple as brushing off the dirt and water from it with a cloth. It’s also extremely simple to fit on your pet, as you just need to tighten the buttons and you’re good to go. The armor comes in four metallic colors: red, black, gold, and silver. All the colors look extremely authentic and each has a different samurai clan crest on the head. This means that if you have multiple pets, you can turn your home into an entire samurai garrison. Check price on Amazon!

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