Personalized Pet Pokemon Cards

Turn Your Adorable Furry Friend Into a Custom Pokémon Card

Pokémon has become a huge global phenomenon, with many games and trading cards available. But your cat or dog also deserves to be recognized for their unique abilities. These cards will capture their essence and transform them into a real-life Pokémon. Printed on a special paper that can be kept in the best quality for the long-term, this relatable gift is a great purchase to make for your own four-legged friend or to give to someone else that is close to their pet.

The best thing about pet Pokémon cards is that they are fully customizable. You can choose a specific type and species. For fans of the trading card game, this makes for a fantastic gift. It is a great way to show some appreciation for your pet and immortalize them in card form. The end result is a gorgeous product that brings out your pet’s personality into an iconic Pokémon card form. Check price on Etsy!

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