Go Vintage with This Functional Retro iMac Apple Watch Stand

This functional Retro iMac Apple watch stand from the renowned tech brand, Elago, takes you back to 1984 when the first Macintosh computer was launched. It is basically an Apple watch stand with the same original look and style as the 1984 Apple Macintosh computer.  It not only comes with the shape of the retro computer but is functional too. When you secure your Apple watch inside the stand, the device’s display creates the same appearance of an old Macintosh monitor. The watch stand works as a functional charger too.  The Retro iMac Apple watch stand is compatible with any Apple watch model. It has a nightstand mode that gives you access to key functions of your watch such as messages and alarm clock conveniently from your bedside table.

Some Features include: It is compatible with Apple Watch Series, It features Apple Watch Nightstand Mode, Has a unique display reminiscent of the classic vintage monitor, It is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is to place your watch on the stand and it will automatically sync with all the watch’s functions, Works as a charger too. The retro watch stand is made from silicone resistant to scratches which prevents damage to the watch when resting or moving on a flat surface.

The Retro Apple Watch stand provides the nerdiest way to charge your watch and view everything from a classic vintage monitor.  It also makes a perfect gift item especially for someone who used the Macintosh computer in the 1980s and 1990s and brings a powerful sense of nostalgia. Find the best price here!

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