Personalized Flipbook Animation

This Flipbook Animation With Hidden Ring Inside Is The Best Way To Make a Girl Accept Your Proposal

There are endless ways to propose to the person you love. A personalized flipbook might be one of the most unique ways to go about it, not to mention one of the cutest. If you’re interested in proposing through a personalized story and art flipbook, then “The Flippist” Ben Zurawski has you covered with his beautiful and heartwarming designs. These flipbooks are no ordinary little thing. Some of them include a cutout portion where you can put your own ring for the proposal for that final little touch.

If you want a unique and interesting way to propose to your partner, then it doesn’t get much better than a personalized flipbook animation. Ben can take not just your marriage proposal, but also a general idea or story and turn it into a cute and creative short animation with a cartoon flipbook. All you need to do is give him the details and some photos to work with and he’ll take care of the rest. You couldn’t ask for a cuter way to send a message! Check price on Etsy!

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