Studio Ghibli redraw challenge

People Recreate Characters From Ghibli Movies In Their Own Style

Studio Ghibli is one of the most recognizable names in anime, with movies becoming massive hits at home in Japan and abroad across Europe and the United States. From Spirited Away to Princess Mononoke to My Neighbor Totoro, most people have seen at least one Studio Ghibli movie in their lives. The studio was founded 34 years ago and stands out for the stunning art style and animation. The Studio Ghibli style has become as recognizable as the name of the studio itself.

Studio Ghibli has touched many lives, and now the Studio Ghibli redraw challenge is giving those people a way to thank for that. The challenge was started by Twitter user Kadeart. He challenged the internet to draw famous anime characters in their own style as a way to thank them. People have been sharing fantastic artwork using hashtag #GhibliRedraw. Some of these pictures are so good that we expect even Hayao Miyazaki, the man behind the studio, would approve them.